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Nanjing fourth leading multi-car culture car Fair
So car buyers are eager, long-awaited fourth Nanjing International Auto Expo will debut April 30 International Expo Center (Hexi New Hall), then in addition to a larger discount rate, but will also give you wonderful vehicle to bring cultural activities.
Lifted show "mystery"
This show a brand new Volkswagen models, the new environmental concepts into high-tech body, and promote low carbon green elegant living concept. Site will also be environmentally friendly electric super sports car to help out the mysterious, showing the latest cutting-edge automotive technology.
At the same time show will be injected into health, fashion, pop and other elements, this car expo work together and with the majority Fans reduce carbon dioxide emissions, so that our physical health, so that our life is full of sunlight, so your driving while protecting the natural environment.

Draw car Fair "instant drawing."
The car is still in East China Fair will be high-grade auto market size and feast, exhibition area of ​​70,000 square meters, more than 60 participating brands. Qualification of the exhibitors and all Fair project team through the rigorous vehicle inspection by the audit, participating businesses to further enhance the brand and quality, and better maintenance to ensure that the interests of consumers, to ensure optimization of resources exhibitors configuration, and thus better to provide more suitable for the buyers of goods and services.

Played car Fair "campaign Symphony"
Fair in this car to build automotive feast of the car culture also value the presentation, so the organizing committee held a variety of activities. "Life Nanjing Cup" Photography Competition for amateur photographers an opportunity, during the show, as long as the landing net of life in Nanjing, upload work to the designated election page, after the selection screen name, you can have a chance to win attractive gifts. Bring a professional camera, with a happy mood, perfect cars and people will freeze. Dream Car Cars Competition for static and dynamic combination of beauty, to the love of performing and modeling of a normal girl to show their stage. In addition, Green million signatures, model car contest, MECA race car audio conversion, test drive and a series of activities will be held as scheduled, there are benefits from the perspective of the "thousands of people see the car group", 12580 rush tickets, tickets raffle for the public to look at cars, car provides one-stop service.


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