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Published Time:2011.07.07 News source:新浪汽车 Views No.

Car sales data continued to decline, so that the automotive industry restless.
June 20, informed sources from the Development and Reform Commission and other departments that have current automobile consumer market (Rialto) in a depressed state reported to the State, around the restrictions apply to adjust or cancel auto consumption policy, the State Council's approval of this report is in progress.

Restriction directed at Beijing. Introduced this year, "Yao Hao" policy that Beijing has been hit car sales, more seriously, the purchase of consumer confidence (Reliance) has spread to other anti-market (Rialto).

The game will come from the automotive industry in 2009 introduced the "automobile industry restructuring and revitalization plan" (the "Plan"). "Planning" to support a three-year time limit in not reached, the restrictions on car consumption is surging. Under the weight of experience in the automotive industry, Beijing is brewing again for old cars shot subsidies, hope driving the sales of replacement vehicles to ease the blow on the industry.

Revitalization plan three years yet to come

"The current policy with the purchase of around 2009 introduced the" planning "are contradictory, the State Development and Reform Commission and other departments want to apply for cancellation of these effects to the automotive market (Rialto) development of policy." China Automobile Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the Automobile Association ) official told reporters.

"The proposal does cause some departments of the State Council's attention." China Machinery Industry Federation, Zhang Xiaoyu, executive vice president, told reporters.

In 2009, the financial crisis, the State Department has successively adopted a ten industrial restructuring and revitalization plan. Among them, the "automobile industry restructuring and revitalization plan" on January 14, 2009 approved in principle.

"Planning" full on March 20, 2009 formally announced to the public and focuses on the various localities and departments to seriously clean up the existing restrictions on vehicle purchase to cancel the unreasonable regulations, and other direct or indirect impact measures the purchase of vehicles, and in 2009 clean up before the end of March of the State Development and Reform Commission. "Where it is essential to retain the purchase of provisions, from 2009 April 1 to December 31 should be suspended, not suspended, should be on March 10, 2009 before the State Council for approval."

The "planning" the execution time from 2009 to 2011, the industry as "the three-year revitalization plan."

"At present, three years has not expired, the introduction of the domestic car major cities to follow Beijing's purchase of the policy situation is intensified." China Automobile Industry Association official said.

Following the Beijing late last year after the implementation of car restriction policy, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other places will have been heard to limit car consumption, resulting in many consumers' psychological panic.

Held June 2 in the "deep Macau International Motor Show 2011 ', the correspondent on the scene, local participating auto dealers and more play" package "brand price and the market (Rialto) prices generally higher than 1 to 3 million dollars.

Market (Rialto) suffered heavy losses

"If the current growth in the second quarter may be the lowest auto market this year." June 14, Asian Games Village Automobile Exchange Center at the North Star Market (Rialto) information at the end of the conference, the State Information Center, Information Resources Department Xu Changming, director believes that the first five months of the domestic car market (Rialto), the average growth rate has been significantly lower than the current stage of the automotive market (Rialto) the potential level of growth. "The proposed introduction of any relevant government departments should not be detrimental to the automotive market (Rialto) development of policy." Xu Changming emphasized.

Data provided by the Automobile Association show that from January to May this year, total vehicle sales 7.7797 million and 7.9162 million, an increase of 3.19% and 4.06%. "From 2009, China's auto industry is about normal average annual growth rate of 13% to 15%, January to May this year, the automobile market growth has been below 10%." Xu Changming said.

Situation from the monthly distribution, January to March, the domestic passenger car market (Rialto), respectively, year on year growth of 22.4%, 7.9% and 11.3%; However, in April and May, the growth rate decreased to 3.4% and 2.6%, less than the growth rate over the same period last year 1 / 10.

The purchase of policies affecting the domestic passenger car market (Rialto) growth, the impact of the macroeconomic environment, the commercial vehicle market (Rialto) performance is equally bleak. January to May this year, commercial vehicle sales fell 3.67% and 2.05%.

Beijing North Star Asian Games Village Automobile Exchange Market (Rialto) statistics show, the first new car in May Beijing cumulative trading 122,800, down nearly 20 million units, total sales fell 61% year on year.

"Because of commercial vehicles decreased, this year the automotive market (Rialto) the overall growth rate will be around 6%, provided that no detrimental automotive market (Rialto) development of policy re-introduced." Xu Changming said.

Beijing postponed replacement subsidy?

Recently, Beijing will increase subsidies for old vehicles out of the rumor throughout the printing.

Some media reported that Beijing recently to convene the relevant departments to discuss car prices on behalf of more than 5 years of age of the vehicle replacement of old New Deal subsidy in order to accelerate the country Ⅰ and Ⅱ standard of vehicles out of the country, stimulate automobile market. According to the preliminary program, within the scope of subsidies, the maximum amount of 7000 yuan per old subsidies. Learned that the number of vehicle replacement subsidy of about 40 million.

Reporters also learned that on June 21, the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau held a stakeholders convened an internal meeting to discuss the content is about the subsidy program.

Reporters call the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Xuanjiaoke, confirmed on June 21 convened indeed called "the old update program out of the vehicle workshop" meeting. However, the content for the meeting, disclose the other party said.

Correspondent was informed from the stakeholders, the final plan yet to be introduced, Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau decided to block the media and automotive business news on the meeting content.

"This conference has been heard, and the subsidies scrapped vehicles compared to the past, this time for the replacement vehicle is not the same level of subsidies." Deputy secretary general of the National Joint Council of passenger cars Choi Dong-tree told the "Daily Economic News."

This may not meet emissions standards for older vehicles out of the financial subsidies, to be interpreted as the industry is Beijing car sales market (Rialto) a strong complement. "In the future (Futura) will rely on to maintain the vehicle replacement to drive sales, and subsidies can stimulate the replacement of old vehicles, upgrades for the low." Choi Dong-tree said.

2 million expected replacement

The government in Beijing announced the program block, on each of the city's brand new car is limited to 240,000 total, less than new car sales in Beijing last year, the 1 / 3. In the new car market (Rialto) stagnation in the case, car replacement business to become an important way to ease selling pressure. Asia City, Vice President Jing-Hui Yan, the current generated by the car replacement car sales accounted for the entire new car sales by about 60%.

According to statistics, Beijing Ⅲ emission standard in the country about two million cars below. In other words, financial subsidies for these vehicles will likely spawned the same number of new car sales. These cars are not Beijing's restriction within the scope of the Beijing car market (Rialto) will form a very strong support.

China Automobile Dealers Association, Luo Lei, Deputy Secretary-General said that it has not been heard on the news to determine the subsidy programs. In his view, the subsidy scheme is not stagnant and new car sales for Beijing's improvement, but to put forward to strengthen environmental protection. "Rule blocking program, has always been to improve traffic and protect the environment from two considerations."

However, Luo Lei did not deny the elimination of subsidies for old vehicles will be driven from an objective new car sales in Beijing. He said that this year Beijing's second-hand car market (Rialto) by a greater blow, but is currently being restored. Luo Lei is expected in Beijing this year used-car market (Rialto) in the gradual recovery is expected to reach last year after 50 percent of sales.

It is understood that long ago, the Beijing Municipal Political Consultative Conference has submitted a package of proposals, including taking "license plate separation" approach to strengthening the used car market in Beijing (Rialto) liquidity, thereby improving the new car market in Beijing ( Rialto) environment.

Has an important role in demonstrations in Beijing, and perhaps other cities are being managed to provide a new car model.


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