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Lead a project to bring a number of facilities, the construction of a project, driven by an industry. Jimo adhere to the World (Mondi) vision, international standards and local benefits plan Jimo development, firmly grasp the economic zone into the blue peninsula national strategy, Qingdao create "Blue Valley" opportunity, as the strategic adjustment of economic structure the main direction, around the advanced manufacturing, modern services, strategic economic development of emerging industries and blue vigorously implement directed investment, introduction of foreign capital had accumulated millions of dollars in capital projects over 360 billion yuan RMB, foreign capital actually utilized 4.32 billion U.S. dollars, domestic $ 75 billion, the initial construction of shipbuilding and related industries, automobiles and parts, the sun (solara) value over 100 billion to the three modern industrial base development framework.
According to statistics, at present, the city's stock of foreign-funded enterprises reached 1097, the World (Mondi) 500 strong enterprises 19, 17 500 domestic enterprises, foreign investment and credited into account the cumulative actual export of the province at the county level for many years among the forefront of two consecutive terms as the province's foreign trade has been advanced city, the proportion of tertiary industry adjusted to 8.4:54.6:37, county basic economic competitiveness ranks 17th hundred counties, county of the province's economy into a first-party array.

The automobile industry, for example, from scratch, from a few scattered parts enterprises to rise with a total investment of 12.0 billion automotive parts and components industry base, less than two years, Jimo auto industry gathered into a modified car, vehicle assembly, engine systems, chassis systems, automotive interior and exterior trim, auto electrical, auto body, auto lamps as the main content of a complete industrial chain, creating the development of automobile and parts industry, "Jimo efficiency."

"Within five years, we strive to build a well-known automobile Jimo and parts of modern industrial base." Jimo Municipal Committee Ming-Huei Cheng said.

Adhere to innovative ideas, the city prepared to hire American Kearney completed a new regional and industrial development planning, regional development and further defined the position and orientation of industrial development, the central focus on the development of modern manufacturing, especially automotive-related industries, focus on the development of urban markets (Rialto) business, financial and other modern service industries, and strive to build the shipbuilding industry, automobile and auto parts such as "eight bases."
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