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"Our standard system for commercial vehicles has been initially established, years 'commercial vehicle cab occupant protection' and 'commercial vehicle front lower part of the standard protective devices' other three countries are expected to introduce mandatory standards, while for energy, noise and other fields standards is also the process of being revised. "Recently, the National Automotive Standardization Technical Committee Liberated said.
According to reports, as of now, China's commercial vehicle enforcement standards has reached 47, you can cover (Guy) to the vehicle's active safety, general safety, vehicle structure, impact and prevention aspects. Overall, China's commercial vehicle standards system has been initially established. But compared with developed countries in many areas still need to be revised and improvement.

Liberated said that in order to ensure the safety of commercial vehicle occupant, the original state of the passenger car head-on collision was expanded to incorporate the N1 class vehicles, and formally changed its name to "passenger car frontal crash protection." It is understood that, taking into account the major accident types of commercial vehicle roll and front collision, the newly revised standards for strength and vertical structure of the cab A pillar structure of the first put forward specific demands. Currently, the standard is for comments, is expected to release during the year. By then, the new shape of commercial products, standards from January 1, 2012 come into force, it will be stereotyped products July 1, 2014 onwards.

Taking into account the small car accident under direct drill cart is widespread, the National Automotive Standardization Technical Committee also developed a "commercial vehicle front lower standard of protection." According to the standard, commercial vehicles need to install before the lower part of the protective device, in commercial vehicles and small cars collide, can form an effective protection for small cars.

Liberated pointed out that this standard does not exist in the implementation, but in use, may be reduced to some extent by the nature of the vehicle, causing some inconvenience to the commercial user. It is understood that the implementation of standards needs to improve the re-cab, need a relatively long period. Therefore, the standard is expected in 2015 for implementation in the car, car prices for the general purpose is to leave some of the transition period to develop a new generation of models.

Meanwhile, the 7258 standard is currently being revised for approval has the fastest release in the year, January 1 next year is expected to be implemented. This standard is the public security departments Vehicle registration based on the structure of commercial vehicles made certain requirements.

For the industry generally concerned about the promotion of energy efficiency standards for commercial vehicles, is also made no small progress. According to "heavy commercial vehicle fuel consumption test method" has been submitted for approval; "heavy-duty vehicle fuel consumption identity" feasibility study is under way. According to the Ministry's requirements, has been drawn from the industry key enterprises in the related trial of 400 vehicles. "In accordance with the requirements of this standard must first develop industry standards, re-introduce national standards currently in progress related to experimental verification, according to the established requirements, the fastest in the industry standard will be launched in August this year." Liberated said.

In addition, China's implementation of noise restrictions or the mid-1990s, European standards, the international noise standards and regulations have the new requirements. Therefore, China is also in the field of standards revision process. According to the original standard, set-noise only for the car. Amendment, this requirement is expected to link into the new car certification.

Liberated also revealed that the National Automotive Standardization Technical Committee is studying the future of China made (Futura) five years of commercial standard revision plan. After the formation of the plan will be submitted to relevant departments, as an important reference for trade management.
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